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Are you interested in getting to know international students? How about your neighbors from another country, or the clerk in the gas station down the street? 

EveryInternational.com, created by a collaboration with various international student ministries in the U.S., offers free training videos for anyone wanting to know more about engaging with the international community here in the United States. The high-quality, short video lectures are taught by experienced cross-cultural workers and former international students. Videos may be watched individually or as part of one of the many course modules. Upon completion of a module (including passing a short video quiz), participants receive certificates of completion.

Course topics include Getting Started in International Ministry, Growing in International Ministry, and Multiplying in International Ministry. Each of these courses has a number of individual videos focusing on various topics; some are more general, such as Building Friendships Across Cultures, while others are more specific and focus on ministering to those with certain religious or ethnic backgrounds. An additional set of videos focuses on the testimonies of different international students who came to faith through the ministry of Americans who cared for them and shared the Gospel. 

Each video is accompanied by a set of discussion questions, making them ideal for use in small group settings. Churches may choose to show these videos as part of Sunday School classes or preparation for cross-cultural ministry at home or abroad. A church or organization can even work with EveryInternational.com to set up a personalized course, choosing which videos are most applicable to their context and assigning them to a cohort to work through together. 

EveryInternational.com seeks to equip the American church to reach every international with the hope of the Gospel. How can you be part? 

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