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Jobs for Life

Joblessness attacks one’s very identity and dignity.  Unemployment and underemployment lead to poverty, crime, homelessness, depression, substance abuse, and much more.  Joblessness becomes a cycle that is hard to break. 

Jobs for Life™ is a tool for local churches and organizations to tackle the problem of joblessness.   By discipling men and women in a Biblical view of work, participants are empowered to get and keep meaningful work when before there seemed to be only obstacles.  Throughout the 8-week course, the focus of Jobs for Life™ is always on identity, character, and community. 

Jobs for Life™ is a global nonprofit organization based in Raleigh, NC.   Through churches, businesses, organizations, and volunteers in the local community, the root causes of unemployment are addressed through Bible based training, relationships, and transformation of lives and communities. 

Restoring Hope Roanoke began the first Jobs for Life™ class in Roanoke in 2017 and is continuing to expand the number of classes available in the area by partnering with churches and organizations to be host sites for the class and training new leaders. If you or your organization would be interested in hosting or co-hosting a class, please contact us to begin the conversation.