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You probably know personally someone who immigrated to this country as a child or adult. Nearly every news cycle has a story about the thousands of immigrants entering our country daily through our southern border.  Whether we agree with the method or not, we cannot deny that our country began as a nation of immigrants, and that it still is.  In 2019, immigrants, that is foreign born residents of the US, comprised 13.7% of our population.   (www.migrationpolicy.org)

Immigration is discussed and debated in the news, among politicians, and even in the Church. How we are to address immigration?  As Christ-followers, we must base our words and actions on immigration on the Word of God. 

We want to offer you a few resources to help you prayerfully consider the issue of immigration to the US, and how, as representatives of Christ on this Earth, we are to respond. These are resources that we have personally vetted. There are many out there, and we have included others in past Library posts.  (See Library Categories.)


Hopeful Neighborhood Project

April 26, 2021

If you live somewhere and have an interest in that somewhere, then you should read this short book! This short book offers six sessions to help you pursue the common good right where you live. 

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12 Neighbors

April 2, 2021

12 Neighbors is a film series exploring what it truly means to love your neighbor. Each video features stories of people living out Jesus’s call to love our neighbors as ourselves.

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Spiritual First Aid

February 1, 2021

I know my neighbor is hurting, but I don’t know how to help him. How do I assess his needs and find the best way to care for him?

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Mobilize My Church

December 13, 2020

But how do we actively proclaim the good news and liberty in a way that is glorifying to God, and life changing?

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Every International

December 7, 2020

EveryInternational.com offers free training videos for anyone wanting to know more about engaging with the international community here in the United States.

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Made To Flourish

August 7, 2020

The work of Made To Flourish is founded in a biblical understanding of God’s work at creation, the fall, redemption, and consummation. God’s mission is the renewal of all things…

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