Made to Flourish – Faith, work, and economic wisdom

“We empower pastors and their churches to integrate faith, work, and economic wisdom for the flourishing of their communities.”

What is human flourishing?  How do we as followers of Christ help others to flourish as God designed them to?  These are some of the questions that the folks at Made to Flourish address in the resources and events they provide.

The work of Made To Flourish is founded in a biblical understanding of God’s work at creation, the fall, redemption, and consummation. God’s mission is the renewal of all things – renewal from the results of sin which broke our relationships with God, with ourselves, with others, and with the rest of creation.  Through faith in Christ, we are justified and increasingly restored to the image of God, into Christlikeness.   The dignity of being a child of Christ is restored. 

Made To Flourish sees work as key to human dignity, a way to worship God as we create for good as He created for good.  Work is about contributing value to others, not compensation.  As we understand God’s design for work, we also understand that economic wisdom glorifies God as we skillfully and responsibly seek to always help others to biblically flourish through stewardship of God’s creation.  The mission of the Church, and the local church, then is to “join God in the renewal of all things, including individuals, institutions, cultures, and all of creation.” 

Made To Flourish offers curated and original resources for church leaders on the topics of faith, work, and economic wisdom.   These resources are broken down into topics for discipleship, pastoral work, preaching, worship, and mission and outreach.  You can view videos, participate in webinars, read articles or purchase books such as:

A unique feature of Made To Flourish are their networks of pastors around the country who are learning together to equip their people to take the gospel in all its fulness to all parts of human reality.  The national, regional, and 25 city networks offer tools, events, and training specifically on the topic of faith, work, and economic wisdom.  

City and National events are open to anyone to attend (and yes, they are now virtual).  These events are regional on timely topics.  Made To Flourish also works with 18 different churches around the country for pastoral residencies –  two years of hands on learning and mentoring for recent seminary graduates where they receive practical training in the realities of pastoring. 

Browse through their collection of resources, subscribe to their updates, or join their next webinar to learn more about connecting our everyday world of work to our faith.

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