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Are you a good neighbor?

How would you answer this question?  Could you define in practical terms what it means to be a good neighbor from a Biblical perspective?

This short and practical online course will walk you through 5 ways to redefine a good neighbor and refocus your own life. Each units includes videos, Bible passages, and practical steps that will help you to map, assess and plan to put these new ideas into practice.

You will learn from the likes of Brian Fikkert, Steve Corbett, and Jerilyn Sanders at the Chalmers Center as well as real life examples.  The course examines the attitudes and perspectives of your heart.  You will be challenged in the area of hospitality to those of a different socioeconomic group than yours.  The power of proximity of space– where you spend your time and why – is addressed as well. You will learn how your church can be radically inclusive of people across socioeconomic lines.  What does your wallet – how you use money – say about your love for the poor?

This course can be taken alone or with a learning partner or group.  Walking through it in community would be the best approach toward change as you learn, pray, and act together. 

The course is available through the Chalmers Center and includes 8 short units.   For a group of 15, the course would cost $11.99 per person. 

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