Understanding Different Cultures

A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures: Making Friends in a Multicultural World

by Patty Lane

Patty Lane gives us an excellent resource for understanding the differences in worldviews of different cultural groups. She discusses how different cultures view conflict, values, authority, and time, and much more.  This book also includes a number of appendices about cultural characteristics, and sharing your faith with different cultures. She also offers ideas on how churches of different cultural backgrounds can partner in ministry. A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures can be studied in groups or read individually. 

Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot- and Cold- Climate Cultures

 by Sarah Lanier

Sarah Lanier offers us a short book (128 pages) which provides an understanding of different types of cultures, which she separates into “hot-climate” (relationship-oriented) and “cold-climate” (task-oriented) cultural worldviews.  Lanier explains in an engaging way how these viewpoints affect views on communication, privacy, identity, hospitality, time, and other factors By understanding the different cultural viewpoints, the reader can better understand and engage with others of different cultural backgrounds.

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