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How To Connect

The RHR team has assessed and continues to assess needs which churches and individuals can meet.  The following are a few of those needs.  A more detailed list is also available in our resources and is updated as needed.

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Serve Internationals Today!

  • Transportation:
    • help a new immigrant learn to use the bus system
    • teach a new immigrant how to drive
  • English:
    • Teach English to an individual, a class, or through conversation
    • tutor students after school. Children learn English quickly but parents often cannot help with homework
  • Housing:  help set up a new home for a newly arrived family
  • Families:  Mentor a newly arrived family on how to live in America
  • Medical:  Assist a refugee in navigating the medical system, prescriptions, appointments, etc.
  • Financial:
    • Help a refugee family learn to shop and bank, use SNAP and EBT cards, etc.
    • Help an international entrepreneur with the paperwork for starting a business
  • Legal: assist an immigrant in their citizenship process
  • Employment
    • Help an international write a resume and prepare for job interviews
    • Help an international find a job in their field, or in a new field
  • Social:
    • ‘Adopt’ an international college student into your home several times a semester
    • Mentor a family and build a friendship with them
  • Spiritual
    • Facilitate a Discovery Bible Study

RESOURCES for Internationals ministry